$ZEN Token and Utilities (WL Marketplace, VX Breeding, NFT Customization)

Who loves WL? Everyone does! Who loves tokens? Also everyone! For all of your degen needs, we’ve got you sorted. Get ready for what’s upcoming.

Authors: Minnie, Council of Apes


Token Address: 0x884345a7B7E7fFd7F4298aD6115f5d5afb2F7660

Each ZenApe Genesis NFT has began passively yielding 5 $ZEN per day since the May 1st, 2022. There will be no staking required.

Hodlers of their ZenApe Genesis will also receive an extra 3 weeks of claimable token rewards if they have held their ZenApe since the 10th of April 2022.

The $ZEN Token contract was written by our legendary developer, 0xInuarashi. Here’s a word on the contract:

ZenYield is the ZenApe yielding smart contract for Zen Token Our special ape 0xInuarashi has created a gas-efficient yielding system that uses a compress-expand pattern for yield which means that the gas-cost to calculate balances is reduced by 2x or 50%.

To do this, we compressed a standard 18-decimal token’s yeild data to 4-decimal places instead, which in turns saves 14-decimal places which enable us to store yield timestamp and pending yield at the same time, saving 1 SSTORE.

On claiming, the value is expanded by 14 decimals and mints the token in the correct decimal places to the claimer.

$ZEN is claimable from the token dashboard at https://zenape.io/holder. To see your $ZEN balance in your MetaMask, you must import the token:

  • Scroll to the bottom of “assets”
  • Click “import token”
  • Click “custom token”
  • Input the $ZEN Token address (0x884345a7B7E7fFd7F4298aD6115f5d5afb2F7660)

$ZEN will be able to be used for:

  • Purchasing WLs from the $ZEN Marketplace
  • Purchasing advisory calls with GronkWizard or M1nn1eR1dsy
  • Purchasing ZenApe hats (limited supply)
  • Breeding NFTs for the ZenApe Voxel collection
  • Customizing Twitter banners
  • Customizing ZenApe NFT names and bios
  • Burning ZenApes? :o :o whaaaaaaaaaat

While this is just the planned utility for now, there is always room for ideation.

$ZEN Marketplace

We’ve teamed up with the Martian Tech team, lead by 0xInuarashi and SaintMaxi, who have created a WL marketplace that can be implemented by any collection and incorporate their native token.

Some other projects using this technology are Anonymice, Ethaliens and PGodjira!

The original Martian Tech WL Marketplace by Martian Tech

The WL marketplace will be found in the holders section of our website, and will be regularly updated with the best WL we can provide for our holders.

Zen Marketplace Art by UberFlux

Each WL listing will remain on the website for 3 days and we will release listings sporadically so that no individual time zone will be favored over another.

For those unaware, we’ve had some pretty hectic WL sourced for the ZenApe community already! For example:

  • Karafuru
  • Starcatchers
  • SNIF (Sneaky Ninja Internet Friends)
  • Mindbolown
  • Llamascape
  • PXN (Phantom Network)
  • Godjira Genesis 2
  • Creepz (Cold Blooded Creepz)

I think you already may have heard what special something is coming to the ZenApe marketplace….

Get excited for the marketplace! I’m sure you’re already trying to guess what will be on there. We’re sure WLs will go fast, but we will work tirelessly to ensure there are always new opportunities flowing through for holder to take hold of.

Thats all for now!

M1nn1e ❤




ZenApe is a collection of 5,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain and a home for innovators who want to make the world a better place. Welcome to our medium.

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ZenApe is a collection of 5,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain and a home for innovators who want to make the world a better place. Welcome to our medium.