ZenTask — The Platform Web3 Needs

ZenTask is a social and professional network for users to establish trusted Web3 identities. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of social coordination and knowledge sharing.

Authors: Yilan and Minnie, Council of Apes

ZenTask DApp


  • In Web3, pseudonymous identities are the norm and a platform is required to facilitate professional and trustworthy networking between these alternate personas.
  • Online personas are capable of gaining legitimate trustworthy reputations through proof of skill and testimonies from previous employment. ZenTask visualizes this through “trust networks” and consolidation of multiple social media accounts.
  • As the Web3 space continues to grow, there will be an increasing demand for a variety of Web3 niche skills which cannot be found on existing networking platforms, highlighting a need for Web3 specific networking.

The Problem

Most people working in Web3 are embracing pseudonymous identities (fake names) that are not linked to their in-real-life identities. This often prevents them from creating profiles on existing platforms like LinkedIn even if their online persona is as reputable, or well-known, as their in-real-life identity.

This brings about great difficultly for even the most highly skillful workers in Web3 to find employment, and vice versa, difficulty for employers to find trustworthy, Web3 native employees.

The existing difficulties to find Web3 goers on Web2 platforms has led to contract exploitations, under-skilled Web3 teams and unfair employment terms.

Further, the exponential growth of Web3 has perpetuated increasing demand for a wide variety of niche, non-traditional skills, and for web3 builders to share their reputation.

But, there’s yet another roadblock.

There is a lack of trust and accountability in the space, seen in the daily occurrences of scams and rugs. As the space often operates outside of traditional legal jurisdictions, the Web3 community requires a way to determine the trustworthiness of pseudonymous identities and find legitimate professional connections.

ZenTask Profile Example

How does ZenTask v0 work?

  1. Ethereum wallet sign-in + verified NFTs:

With wallet sign-in, there is no need for an email or a password, and you can select a verified NFT profile picture from any verified collections in your wallet.

Do you have an NFT that you’re known by? Now you can use it to help verify your identity.

ZenTask Profile Customization Interface

2. Describe yourself:

Write a short bio, choose skill and passion tags to describe yourself, and personalize some Q&As to give a deeper sense of who you are.

You can set the visibility of your Q&As to only people in your trust network. You can also authenticate your identity by linking your twitter, discord or GitHub accounts.

ZenTask Profile Search Interface

3. Find other people:

Once you have completed your profile, you will be able to browse other profiles in Search. You can choose to message or trust them, and view their trust network.

ZenTask Visible Trust Network Example

4. A public record of trust:

Trust networks are formed when users trust other profiles to create a public record of users vouching for other users. Newcomers can then view the trust relationships of the people they trust in order to find other credible people.

Users must complete their profiles (and link one social media account) to gain the right to create public trust connections.

ZenTask Job Posting Example

5. Build your Web3 career:

Look for or advertise jobs in the “Jobs” section. Signal your interest and instantly show the other party your skills and experiences on your profile.

Who gets to use ZenTask?

Initially post-launch, you will only be able to make ZenTask account if you own a ZenApe or Cyberkong. ZenTask was the brainchild of some members of the ZenApe community, namely 0xZen and 01101010.

As we continue to refine our product, we will open up access to partnered communities and then the world.

Our community will soon be voting on which partner collections will be integrated and gain access to the ZenTask platform.

Where is ZenTask headed?

ZenTask v0 is our minimum viable product — the first step in a journey of iteration and development.

Our long term vision is to improve the ways people in Web3 can find each other and form trusted relationships, and in doing so improve social coordination. This is when people work together to create a more beneficial outcome than could be achieved individually.

Will there be a token?

ZenTask is currently in v0, and we intend to release a governance and utility token in ZenTask v2. Although subject to change as we move through development, our plan is to distribute a large portion of these tokens to users, with a focus on rewarding active early adopters. We plan to give ZenApes premium benefits in the future.

Thank you for your interest in ZenTask. Further articles will be posted outlining future updates to the platform.



ZenApe is a collection of 5,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain and a home for innovators who want to make the world a better place. Welcome to our medium.

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ZenApe is a collection of 5,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain and a home for innovators who want to make the world a better place. Welcome to our medium.